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Does your water smell bad? Taste bad? Irritate your skin?

Why are you still paying for bottled water and lugging heavy bags of salt home from the store?

The phSmarte 1000 water purification system offers:

Industry best 15 years "Bumper to Bumper" Warranty

Zero maintenance for 15 years, nothing to repair and nothing to replace

No salt or potassium

Self cleaning

Eliminates scaled build up on your fixtures and appliances

100% American made with American parts by American workers

Green certified

Removes chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals(lead), volatile organic compounds, radioactive materials(radon) and biological contaminants

Recommended for all water heaters, even for tankless models.

All for $1,000s less than

lifeSource or


No money down,
Zero interest,
No payments for one year!(o.a.c)

Normally $99

Free with Promo Code 'CleanWater'

Enjoy Alkaline-Spring quality

Water from every faucet in your home!